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Commander Technologies 220 Series

Commander Technologies 220 Series


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Manufacturer Commander Technologies
Product Description Fiberglass Enclosed Copper Element
Important Oversize Shipping Information  Antenna is very large and must be shipped via Freight  - Charge is $195 for freight
For Bulk Orders please call or email for a better price quote including shipping
Product Narrative Omnidirectional, fiberglass. 5.25 dBd gain. Broad frequency response, suitable for duplexed sytems
Specific Freq. (MHz) Available in 136-141, 142-150, 150.5-158.5, 151.5-159.5, 157-165, 155-163, 160-169 or 165-174 MHz Configuration (Choose Frequency Range Required Above)
Specific Model Numbers 220-1N (136-141 MHz)
220-2N (142-150 MHz)
220-3AN (150.5-158.5 MHz)
220-3BN (151.5-159.5 MHz)
220-4N (155-163 MHz)
220-5N (157-165 MHz)
220-6N (160-169 MHz)
220-7N (165-174 MHz)
Gain (dB) 5.25
Maximum Input Power (Watts) 500
Bandwidth >1.5 VSWR 8 MHz
Lightning Protection Direct Ground
Direct Termination N Female
Overall Length 20 Feet
Rated Wind Velocity (MPH) 100 MPH
Rated Wind Load 2.20
Mount Hardware Clamps Included
Weight 23 Lbs.
Warranty 5 Years


  • Manufactured by: Commander Technologies