Astron SS-30M-AP

Astron SS-30M-AP


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Manufacturer  Astron
Model # SS-30M-AP
Product Description 30 Amp Power Supply w/Meters
 Input Voltage (VAC)  115 Volts AC
 Output Voltage (VDC)  13.8 Volts DC
 Amperage (Cont.)  25
 Amperage (Intermittent)  30
 Description  Astron Corporation SS Series Switching Power Supplies are highly regulated and designed for moderate to high power applications. Delivering output from 7 to 40 continuous amps, depending on the model, these Astron supplies are manufactured with robust components for durability and long life. Built to exhibit RFI immunity, these power supplies include an EMI filter and are even RFI resistant in the HF bands!

Their low-profile design and light weight make them perfect for portability or desktop use. All of these supplies provide a well-filtered 13.8 Vdc output for the operation of mobile or portable equipment from your 120/220 volt wall current.

Check out these great features!

* Short circuit and over-voltage protection
* Automatic over-temperature shutdown
* Output current rated at continuous service
* Precision regulation of output voltage
* Most are designed to house specific LMR radios
* Fully EMI filtered
* External fuse access
* Switchable 120/220V input voltage

Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) inches 7 x 3.75 x 9.675
 Warranty  1 yr


  • Manufactured by: Astron Corporation