Mobile Mark MAG39001575

Mobile Mark MAG39001575


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Manufacturer Mobile Mark
Product Description GPS & Cellular/800MHz Antenna in One
Frequency (MHz) 824-894 (Cellular/800MHz) / 1575.42 (GPS)
Product Narrative Cellular/800MHz/GPS dual band glass mount antenna. No interaction occurs between the bands.GPS antenna is mounted within the inside coupling box. This places the GPS element directly on the glass. Cables exit at the top allowing direct entry into the headliner
Gain (dB) 3/27
Voltage 3-5
Max Watts 10 (800MHz)
Whip Length (In.) 11.25"
Whip Material Stainless steel
Color Black/Stainless Steel
Mount Type Magnet Mount
Cable 10' RG-174 (800MHz Lead) - 10' RG-174 (GPS Lead)
Connectors TNC Male (Cellular/800MHz) - SMA Male (GPS) - Connectors Factory Installed
Connector Options Or Choose Optional Connector(s) Installed Above
Warranty 2 Years


  • Manufactured by: Mobile Mark