Astron VS-12M-AP

Astron VS-12M-AP


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Manufacturer  Astron
Model # VS-12M-AP
Product Description 12 Amp Variable Amp/Voltage Power Supply with Anderson Power Pole Connectors
 Input Voltage (VAC)  115 Volts AC
 Output Voltage (VDC)  2 to 15 Volts DC (Selectable)
 Amperage (Cont.)  9
 Amperage (Intermittent)  12
 Description  Solid State electronically regulated. Feature fold-back current limiting to protect the power supply from excessive current or shorted output. Chassis mounted fuse. Less than 5 mv ripple peak to peak (full load and low line).

Features include:

* Precision regulation adjustable from 2 to 15 Volts DC
* Adjustable Amperage current 1.5 to 12 amps
* Separate lighted voltage and current meters
* Short circuit and over-voltage protection
* Low peak to peak ripple of less than 5 mv
* High surge capacity
* Fold-back current limiting
* Grounded power cord
* External fuse access

 Ripple Voltage  5 mV
 Fold-Back Protection  Yes
 Crowbar Protection  Yes
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) inches 8 x 4.5 x 9
 Product Narrative  Astron linear power supplies are heavy duty and solid state electronically regulated.
 Warranty  1 yr


  • Manufactured by: Astron Corporation