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Laird Technologies CR450

Laird Technologies CR450


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Manufacturer Laird Technologies
Product Description 450-470 MHz Omni/2dB/UF
Product Narrative Broadband 2 dB gain "Ringo" Halfwave antenna fed with a matching section featuring a ring inductor. No tuning needed.
Specific Freq. (MHz) 450-470
Gain (dB) 2
Maximum Input Power (Watts) 250
Bandwidth >1.5 VSWR 20
Vert. Beamwidth (-3dB) 73 Deg.
Lightning Prot. DC Ground
Direct Termination UHF Female
Overall Length 30"
Support Pipe Dia. 1"
Rated Wind Velocity (MPH) 90 MPH
Wind Load, (sq ft) .09
Mount Hdw. Incl. None
Weight .6 lbs
Warranty 2 Years


  • Manufactured by: Laird Technologies