Comprod Communications 874F-70TM-1/2

Comprod Communications 874F-70TM-1/2


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Manufacturer Comprod Communications
Product Description 138-174 Quad Dipole,1/2W
Product Narrative Comprod VHF exposed, quad dipole antennas have internal cable and fixed 1/2 wave dipole to mast spacing. The wide bandwidth makes it a good choice for almost any VHF application.
Specific Freq. (MHz) 138-174
Gain (dB) 8.5
Maximum Input Power (Watts) 450
Bandwidth >1.5 VSWR 36
Vert. Beamwidth (-3dB) 17 Deg.
Lightning Prot. DC Ground
Direct Termination Type N Male
Overall Length 126"
Support Pipe Dia. 2.4"
Rated Wind Velocity (MPH) 145
Wind Load, (sq ft) 4.65
Weight 67 Lbs
Mounting Clamps Order Separately
Warranty 2 Years


  • Manufactured by: Comprod Communications

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