TeleWave ANT150Y10H

TeleWave ANT150Y10H


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Manufacturer Telewave, Inc.
Product Description 144-174 MHz 10dBd Yagi
Product Narrative The Telewave ANT150Y10-H is a rugged, high performance directional antenna, designed for extreme conditions. The included heavy-duty clamp set allows H or V polarization.
Specific Freq. (MHz) 144-174 MHz
Gain (dB) 10
Maximum Input Power (Watts) 500
Bandwidth >1.5 VSWR 30 MHz
Vert. Beamwidth (-3dB) 47 Deg.
Lightning Prot. N Male
Direct Termination None
Overall Length 96"
Support Pipe Dia. 3.5" max
Rated Wind Velocity (MPH) 150
Wind Load, (sq ft) 1.68
Mount Hdw. Incl. Heavy duty clamp set for 1.5"-3.5" O.D. pipe
Weight 35 Lbs.
Warranty 5 Years

  • Manufactured by: TeleWave inc

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