TeleWave TPRD-1556

TeleWave TPRD-1556


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Manufacturer  Telewave, Inc.  
 Mfg. Model No.  TPRD1556
Product Description 144-174 MHz Duplexer
 Type  Pass/Reject Duplexer  
 Freq. Range (MHz)  144-174  
 Application  A duplexer allows a transmitter and receiver to operate simultaneously with a single antenna. A duplexer is a primary component of a repeater system.  
 Product Narrative  Pass/reject duplexer. Adjustable insertion loss and notch. Includes rails for mounting in 19" rack with cavities positioned vertically. Can also mount horizontally.  
 Min. Separation (MHz)  0.400  
 Maximum Input (Watts)  350  
 Insertion Loss (Tx/Ant-dB)  2.0  
 Insertion Loss (Rx/Ant-dB)  2.0  
 Isolation Rx (Notch-dB)  100  
 Isolation Tx Side  100  
 Connectors  N Female  
 No. of Cavities/Size  6 (5")  
 temp. Range deg-C  -30 to +70  
 Maximum VSWR @ 50 Ohms  1.5:1  
 Tuning Method  Field Tune Yourself or Have our certified technicians Tune it for you FREE OF CHARGE
 Size (HxWxD")  11 x 19 x 28  
 Finish  Grey  
 Comment  Specify Transmit and Receive frequencies in notes section at check out - A good phone number must be provided to verify order
Customer  What is the Transmit Frequency? What is the Receive Frequency? Specify in notes at checkout
 Mfg. Warranty  1 Year  


  • Manufactured by: TeleWave inc