Sinclair Technologies FB30401B-3-5

Sinclair Technologies FB30401B-3-5


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Manufacturer  Sinclair  
 Mfg. Model No.  FB30401B-3-5
Product Description 480-512 MHz Preselector
 Filter Type  B/P Preselector  
 Freq. Range (MHz)  480-512  
 Maximum Input (Watts)  Receive Only  
 Application  A preselector is a bandpass filter that passes a range of frequencies. It is used to protect receivers from outside interference.  
 Product Narrative  Compact helical preselector. 5 MHz bandwidth. Mounts to any flat surface.  
 Insertion Loss (dB)  2.0  
 Min. Seperation (MHz)  5  
 Connectors  BNC/Female  
 No. of Cavities/Size  4  
 Electrical Length  Helical  
 temp. Range deg-C  -30 to +60  
 Maximum VSWR @ 50 Ohms  1.5:1  
 Tuning Method  Factory Tune  
 Maximum Size (HxWxD")  1.3 x 4.2 x 7.0  
 Finish  Grey  
 Comment  *Specify Frequency  
 Ask Customer  What is pass frequency range?  Specify in notes at checkout
 Mfg. Warranty  2 Years  

  • Manufactured by: Sinclair

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