EMR 6667/SND3

EMR 6667/SND3


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Manufacturer  EMR Corp.  
 Mfg. Model No.  6667/SND3
Product Description 894-960 MHz PassNotch Cavity
 Filter Type  Pass Notch  
 Freq. Range (MHz)  894-960  
 Maximum Input (Watts)  200  
Shipping Info Please allow 14 to 21 Days for Delivery
 Application  A cavity is a resonant filter. It will either pass or reject a frequency or band of freqs. This prevents adjacent channel interference on either TX or RX.  
 Product Narrative  Mid Power Pass Notch filter. Variable coupling loops to improve insertion loss. For 800 trunking and cellular applications..  
 Insertion Loss (dB)  Set by loops  
 Connectors  N Female  
 No. of Cavities/Size  1 (7")  
 Electrical Length  3/4 wave  
 temp. Range deg-C  -30 to +60  
 Maximum VSWR @ 50 Ohms  1.3:1  
 Tuning Method  Factory Tune  
 Maximum Size (HxWxD")  10"x 7"x 7" (+Rod)  
 Finish  Grey  
 Comment  *Specify Frequency  
 Ask Customer  What is the PASS frequency? What is the REJECT frequency? What insertion loss is required?  Specify in notes at checkout
 Mfg. Warranty  1 Year  

  • Manufactured by: EMR Corporation