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TeleWave TPRC8604-1

TeleWave TPRC8604-1


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Manufacturer Telewave, Inc.  
 Mfg. Model No. TPRC8604-1
Product Description806-960 MHz Pass/Reject Cavity
 Filter Type Pass-Reject  
 Freq. Range (MHz) 806-960  
 Maximum Input (Watts) 350  
Shipping InfoPlease allow 14 to 21 Days for Delivery
 Application A cavity is a resonant filter. It will either pass or reject a frequency or band of freqs. This prevents adjacent channel interference on either TX or RX.  
 Product Narrative Bandpass/reject cavity. Adjustable insertion loss coupling loops.  
 Insertion Loss (dB) 0.5 to 2.0  
 Min. Seperation (MHz) 3.50  
 Reject Attenuation (dB) 35  
 Connectors N Female  
 No. of Cavities/Size 1 (4")  
 Electrical Length 1/4 wave  
 temp. Range deg-C -30 to +70  
 Maximum VSWR @ 50 Ohms 1.5  
 Tuning Method Factory Tune  
 Maximum Size (HxWxD") 10 x 4 x 4  
 Finish Grey  
 Comment *Specify Frequency  
 Ask Customer What is the PASS frequency? What is the REJECT frequency?   Specify in notes at checkout
 Mfg. Warranty 1 Year  

  • Manufactured by: TeleWave inc