Alpha Delta ATT3G50

Alpha Delta ATT3G50


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Manufacturer Alpha Delta Communications
Model # ATT3G50
Frequency Coverage 1.8 - 3,000 MHz (3 gHz)
Product Description Transi-Trap Surge Protectors are gas surge arresters designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage due to excess voltage or currents generated by transient phenomena (lightning or static buildup). The elements in the Arc-PlugTM Cartridge consist of two metal electrodes hermetically sealed in a rugged gas filled, ceramic cylinder. They perform as voltage-dependent switches which can reliably and repeatedly carry large currents for brief periods of time. In operation, a sufficient voltage across the element cause an arc to form between the electrodes, changing its impedance from greater than 10,000 meg-ohms to a few milli-ohms in less than 100 nanoseconds time. While conducting in the arc mode, the voltage across the surge arrester is less than 30 volts.
Input Connector N Female
Output Connectors N Female
Warranty 2 Years

  • Manufactured by: Alpha Delta Comm