Sabre End Sleeves

Sabre End Sleeves


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Sabre - End Sleeves for Use With 3/16" to 1" Guy Wire

Dead-end sleeves (aka ice clips) play a critical role in the proper installation of Big-Grip Dead-ends. Each Big-Grip Dead-end should have an End Sleeve installed at the tail end to keep the strands from unraveling. All dead-end sleeves are galvanized in accordance with ASTM A153

Available in sizes to accommodate guy wire from 3/16" to 1"


Size Part #
For 3/16" Wire C40-057-011
For 1/4" Wire C40-057-001
For 5/16" Wire C40-057-002
For 3/8" Wire C40-057-003
For 7/16" Wire C40-057-004
For 1/2" Wire C40-057-005
For 9/16" Wire C40-057-006
For 5/8" Wire C40-057-007
For 3/4" Wire C40-057-008
For 7/8" Wire C40-057-009
For 1" Wire C40-057-010

  • Manufactured by: Sabre Industries