RFI RFA-4021

RFI RFA-4021


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Manufacturer RF Industries
Model # RFA-4021
Product Description All the connectors you need right at your fingertips. This kit contains a majority of the most popularly used adapters for the mobile radio professional. Includes Type N, UHF and BNC adapters supplied in a soft zippered case. Check specs for exact contents of each kit.

Kit contains 1 each: 3BF Tee, 2BF/1BM Tee, BM/BF Rt Angle, BM/BM, BF/BF, BM/UF, BF/UM, BF/RCA M, 3NF Tee, 2NF/1NM Tee, NM/NF Rt Angle,NF/NF, NM/NM, NM/UF, NF/UM, NM/BF, NF/BM, NF/BF, 3UF Tee, 3UF/1UM Tee, UM/UF Rt Angle, UF/UF, UM/UM and UF/BF adapters

Warranty 1 Year

  • Manufactured by: RF Industries