TeleWave ANT150Y7-WR

TeleWave ANT150Y7-WR


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Product Description  144-178 MHz 5dB 3 Element Yagi Antenna  
Narrative  High performance directional antenna, designed for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. Ships with a welded plate and mast clamp.  
 Bandwidth >1.5 VSWR  26  MHz
 Gain (dB)  5  
 General Frequency (MHz)  148-174  
 Front to Back Ratio (dB)  20  
 Horizontal Beamwidth (Deg)  114 Deg.  
 Direct Termination  N Female  
 Maximum Power Input (Watts)  500
 Overall Length  35" x 40.5"  
 Specific Frequency (MHz)  148-174  
 Vertical Beamwidth (Deg)  64 Deg.  
 Weight (lb)  8  
 Mount Hdw. Incl.  Yes  
 Flat Plate Area (Sq. Ft)  1.04  
 Rated Wind Velocity (RWV, MPH)  150  
 Mfg. Warranty  5 Years  


  • Manufactured by: TeleWave inc

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