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TeleWave ANT770F2

TeleWave ANT770F2


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 Product Description  734-806 MHz 2.5dB Omni Collinear Antenna
Narrative  Extremely rugged compact omnidirectional collinear antenna, designed for use in all environmental conditions. Heavy duty fiberglass composite radome. Wide vertical beamwidth with moderate gain.  
 Bandwidth @ Rated VSWR (MHz)  72  
 Gain (dB)  2.5  
 Downtilt (Deg.)  0  
 Gain (dBi)  4.65  
 Connector Placement  Bottom  
 Horizontal Beamwidth (Deg)  360  
 Connector (direct)  N Female  
 Polarization  Vertical  
 Bending Moment @ RWV (ft-lb)  23 @100 MPH  
 Maximum Power Input (Watts)  500  
 Lightning Protection  DC Ground  
 Intermodulation (dBc)  Not Specified  
 Incl. Hardware Fits  1.5" to 4" OD pipe  
 V. Beamwidth (Deg.)  38  
 Lateral Thrust @ RWV (lb)  35 @ 100 MPH  
 Size (L x W x H)  38" x 2.75"  
 VSWR  <1.5:1  
 Weight (lb)  8  
 Mount Hdw. Incl.  ANTC485 dual clamp set  
 Wind Load (sq-ft)  0.9  
 Rated Wind Velocity (RWV, MPH)  200  
 Mfg. Warranty  5 Years  

  • Manufactured by: TeleWave inc