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TeleWave ANT770F6

TeleWave ANT770F6


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 Product Description  746-806 MHz 6dB Omni Collinear Antenna
Type  Fiberglass Omnidirectional  
 Narrative  Extremely rugged, medium-gain, fiberglass collinear antenna, designed for operation in all environmental conditions. The antenna is constructed with brass and copper elements, connected at DC ground potential for lightning impulse protection.  
 Gain (dB)  6  
 General Frequency (MHz)  746-806  
 Downtilt (Deg.)  0  
 Gain (dBi)  8.15  
 Connector Placement  Bottom  
 Horizontal Beamwidth (Deg)  360  
 Connector (direct)  N Female  
 Polarization  Vertical  
 Bending Moment @ RWV (ft-lb)  55  
 Maximum Power Input (Watts)  500  
 Lightning Protection  Direct ground  
 Incl. Hardware Fits  1.5"-3" OD pipe  
 V. Beamwidth (Deg.)  38  
 Lateral Thrust @ RWV (lb)  42  
 Size (L x W x H)  38" x 2.75"  
 VSWR  1.5:1  
 Weight (lb)  23  
 Mount Hdw. Incl.  Yes (ANTC482)
 Wind Load (sq-ft)  0.9  
 Rated Wind Velocity (RWV, MPH)  200  
 Mfg. Warranty  5 Years  

  • Manufactured by: TeleWave inc