Times Microwave CCT-02

Times Microwave CCT-02


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For All Cable Types 3/6" to 1/2"

Times Microwave LMR square cut cable cutter is designed specifically for use on the entire range of LMR cables, from LMR-195 through LMR-600. This cable cutter tool quickly and easily square cuts the LMR cable end making it ready for connector termination. No metallic residue is left, eliminating the need for wire brushing. Safety locking mechanism keeps the tool positively closed until needed or when stored in a pouch. Streamlined designed fits more easily into a Times or other pouch. Times "blue" color replaces the old red color.

Stainless steel replacement blades are also available for the cable cutter.

Narrative Preparation Tools for Cable prepares cable for connector attachment. Manual and Automated tools help the installer prepare the cable for Connectorization.
Description Cable end flush cut tool
Cable Type All Cable Types 3/6" to 1/2"
Connector Type Connector Type: N/A
Replacement Blade Replacement Blades: RB-1
Mfg. Warranty 1 Year


  • Manufactured by: Times Microwave Systems