Commscope A7-EZPT

Commscope A7-EZPT


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For 1-5/8" AVA7-50, AVA7-50-32, AVA7RK-50, AVA7W-50

EZfit automated cable coring and stripping preparation tool is made for use with AVA7 HELIAX 1-5/8 inch coaxial cable. Andrew drill-driven automated cable prep tools prepare cable quickly and consistently. This drill-driven coring tool also includes a T-handle for manual hand operation.

Simply insert the coax cable prep tool onto a reversible power drill, close the chuck, and strip the cable in as little as ten seconds. The rust-proof anodized aluminum stripper removes the cable jacket, outer conductor, and foam. Plus, it cuts back and chamfers the inner conductor to the correct dimensions for connector attachment. For fast, clean, and consistent cable preparations go with Andrew Solutions EZfit drill-driven automated cable preparation tools.

Narrative Preparation Tools for 1-5/8" Cable prepares cable for connector attachment. Manual and Automated tools help the installer prepare the cable for Connectorization.
Description EZfit Automated Cable Preparation Tool for AVA7-50 coaxial cable
Cable Type 1-5/8" AVA7-50, AVA7-50-32, AVA7RK-50, AVA7W-50
Mfg. Warranty 1 Year

  • Manufactured by: CommScope

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