Commscope FXL/CR-1873-PT

Commscope FXL/CR-1873-PT


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For 1-5/8" FXL-1873, AVA7-50, AVA7-50-32, AVA7RK-50, AVA7W-50.

Automated cable coring and stripping preparation tool is made for use with FXL-1873 HELIAX 1-5/8 inch coaxial cable. Andrew drill-driven automated cable prep tools prepare cable quickly and consistently. This cable preparation tool consists of two parts: a coring tool and a stripping tool.

The coring tool removes the foam from the center of the cable and trims the outer conductor. The stripping tool removes the jacket. The self-gauging feature guarantees proper trim dimensions and pin depth. Use this coax cable prep tool by hand or with a power drill. For fast, clean, and consistent cable preparations go with Andrew Solutions EZfit drill-driven automated cable preparation tools..

Narrative Preparation Tools for 1-5/8" Cable prepares cable for connector attachment. Manual and Automated tools help the installer prepare the cable for Connectorization.
Cable Type 1-5/8" FXL-1873, AVA7-50, AVA7-50-32, AVA7RK-50, AVA7W-50
Replacement Blade Blades or not Replaceable
Mfg. Warranty 1 Year


  • Manufactured by: CommScope