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For 1-5/8" LCF158-50JA.

Special trimming tool improves the cable preparation prior to connector attachment. No further tools are required to prepare the cable for the connector attachment. This is due to the unique design of the trimming tool, which combines all necessary functions in one tool. It can be used for CELLFLEX LCF158-50 foam dielectric cables in combination with the OMNI FIT Premium connector family D01.

Narrative Preparation Tools for 1-5/8" Cable prepares cable for connector attachment. Manual and Automated tools help the installer prepare the cable for Connectorization..
Description Combination preparation tool, CELLFLEX 1-5/8" for connector family OMNI FIT Premium D01
Cable Type 1-5/8" LCF158-50JA
Connector Type Connector: OMNI FIT Premium D01
Replacement Blade Replacement Blade: TRIM-B30, TRIM-B19, TRIM-B20
Mfg. Warranty 1 Year


  • Manufactured by: Radio Frequency Systems