Astron SRM-25-2

Astron SRM-25-2


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Manufacturer  Astron
Model # SRM-25-2
Product Description 25 Amp Power Supply x 2 (Dual supplies on one rack)
 Input Voltage (VAC)  115 Volts AC
 Output Voltage (VDC)  13.8 Volts DC
 Amperage (Cont.)  20 amps each
 Amperage (Intermittent)  25 amps each
 Description  Switching  power supply. Features current limiting and crowbar over voltage protection.
 Ripple Voltage  5 mV
 Fold-Back Protection  Yes
 Crowbar Protection  Yes
Dimensions (HxWxL) inches 19 x 3.5 x 9.4
 Product Narrative  Astron linear power supplies are heavy duty and solid state electronically regulated.
 Warranty  1 yr


  • Manufactured by: Astron Corporation

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