Astron A4812-24

Astron A4812-24


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Manufacturer  Astron
Model # A4812-24
Product Description DC Voltage Converter
 Input Voltage (VAC)  30-56 Volts DC in
 Output Voltage (VDC)  13.8 Volts DC out
Maximum Output Current 18
 Description  Astron Corporation Step-Down DC/DC Converters offer high-efficiency DC conversion. These down-converters change an input voltage of 30-56 Volt DC to a highly regulated output voltage of 13.8 Volts DC. These converters provide no isolation between their input and output negative terminals and are meant for use in negative-ground systems. (I.E. Vehicles)

Features include overvoltage and short-circuit protection, input-side overvoltage/transient protection, and input-side reverse polarity protection. Some possible applications include industrial equipment, heavy trucks, buses, marine vehicles, mobile radio equipment, and conversion from 24 volt aircraft systems.

If you have a need to convert your high-voltage DC to 13.8 volts, these Astron Corporation Step-Down DC/DC Converters are designed to handle all of your most demanding applications!
Dimensions (HxWxL) inches 6.2 x 7 x 2
 Warranty  1 yr

  • Manufactured by: Astron Corporation