Wilson Weboost 311203

Wilson Weboost 311203


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Manufacturer  Wilson Electronics
Product Description Fiberglass Enclosed Copper Element
 Product Narrative  LTE Multi-Band omnidirectional antenna is designed to be used with a Wilson amplifier and features up to 6.12 dBi of gain. This outdoor antenna receives signals from all directions, and should be mounted in the area with the strongest signal. The included mounting hardware allows the antenna to be installed vertically on a pole and improves signal transmission between your Wilson amplifier and your nearest cellular signal tower
 Specific Freq. (MHz)  700-800 MHz / 824-894 MHz / 880-960 MHz / 1710-1880 MHz / 1850-1990 MHz / 2110-2170 MHz
 Gain (dBi)  3.2 dBi / 5.12 dBi / 2.7 dBi / 0.6 dBi / 6.12 dBi
 Maximum Input Power (Watts)  25
 Direct Termination  N Female
 Overall Length  18 in
 Rated Wind Velocity (MPH)  125 MPH
 Weight  1 lb
 Warranty  2 Years


  • Manufactured by: Wilson Electronics

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