ICOM A25C Sport

ICOM A25C Sport


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A25C Sport VHF Aviation Band Hand Held Radio



Antenna (FAB02AR)
AA Battery case (BP289)
Belt clip (MB133)
Headset adapter (OPC2379)
Owner’s manual
Warranty: 3-Year


Head in the Right Direction with the A25 Series

The A25 series is a powerful air band handheld with 6 watts of power and an IP57 waterproof rating; weather cannot stop these radios. The A25C includes a AA Battery Pack. The easy-to-use interface and large 2.3-inch LCD display combine to provide stress-free programming and in-flight operation. Built-in Bluetooth®, GPS and VOR navigation are available in the optional A25N NAV/COM versions.

Output Power:

  6W typ. (PEP), 1.8W (CW)


RX (Weather)

Channel Spacing:




Battery Life:

  2350mAh Li-ion battery, up to 10.5 hours
Typical operation; Tx:Rx:Stand-by duty ratio = 5:5:90, Power save ON

Large Easy to Use LCD

The A25’s large 2.3-inch LCD provides user-friendly, graphic screens. The day mode allows pilots to view the screen in direct sunlight and the night mode makes it easy to read in the dark.


https://www.theantennafarm.com/catalog/images/screen-a25-menu.jpg https://www.theantennafarm.com/catalog/images/screen-a25-recall-night.jpg VOR Navigation Functions

VOR navigation functions

  • CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) looks like a real VOR instrument and displays any deviation from your course.
  • OBS (Omni Bearing Selector) enables you to change course from your original flight plan.
  • TO-FROM indicator shows the position relationship between your aircraft and the course selected by the OBS.
  • ABSS (Automatic Bearing Set System) enables you to set the current course as a new course.

Other Features

  • "Flip-flop" channel recall
  • Smart battery with detailed battery status
  • 121.5MHz emergency key
  • Weather channels
  • Priority watch
  • VFO scan, memory-channel scan, priority scan

  • Manufactured by: ICOM

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