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Westell CS03-024-836

Westell CS03-024-836


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Manufacturer  Westell, Inc
Product Description VHF Yagi Antenna, excellent for VHF Public Safety Applications. Three-element construction useful for directional point-to-point or point-to-multipoint applications. Low profile rugged construction, high gain, full folded dipole construction, and includes DC short lightning protection.
 Specs  Specific Frequency 136-174 MHz
Maximum VSWR 1.5:1
Gain 7 dBi
Antenna Pattern Directional
RF Connector N Female
Polarization Horizontal, Vertical
Item Height 3.15 in
Item Length 35.25 in
Item Width 43.31 in
Item Weight 2.2 lb
Lightning Protection DC Surge Protection
Vertical Beamwidth 100 deg
Horizontal Beamwidth 60 deg
Maximum Power 250 W
 Warranty  2 Years

  • Manufactured by: Westell

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