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Manufacturer PCTEL
Description PCTEL BMYD806O series yagi antennas is designed to provide characteristics of a high gain, broadband, premium-quality antenna. This directional yagi antenna operates in the 806 - 896 MHz frequency range and is anodized for corrosion resistance. The BMYD8060 has 18-elements, provides 14 dBd gain and has a 2 foot RG213 pigtail terminated with an N Female connector. The maximum power input is 200 watts. Mounting hardware BWC1001A is included.

The PCTEL BMYD806O yagi is heavy duty and is designed with harsh conditions in mind.
Specs Maximum Power 200 W
RF Connector N Female
Gain 14 dBd
Gain 16.1 dBi
Connector Placement Pigtail
Maximum VSWR 1.7:1
Item Weight 3.5 lb
Jumper Included Yes
Type of Jumper Included 2' RG213
Vertical Beamwidth 30 deg
Horizontal Beamwidth 36 deg
Polarization Linear
Item Length 60 in
Item Height 7.3 in
Type of Hardware Included BWC1001A
Specific Frequency 806-896 MHz
Maximum Rated Wind Velocity 125 mile/h
Warranty 2 Years


  • Manufactured by: PCTEL