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Laird Technologies TRA6927M3NB

Laird Technologies TRA6927M3NB


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Manufacturer  Laird Technologies
Model # TRA6927M3NB
Product Description Cell/ PCS 3G/4G/LTE Phantom Ant, Black
 Product Narrative  The perfect little antenna for increasing your reception of 4G/3G/LTE wireless internet! The multi-band mobile antenna is a commercial, heavy duty vehicular antenna. It has an omnidirectional pattern and is vertically polarized with a 50 ohm match. It also has excellent quality & RF performance, and is specifically designed as a full spectrum public safety voice & data communications antenna
 Frequency  700/806/850/1800/1900/2100/2300/2500/2600
 Gain (dBd) Cell/PCS  1.35/3.35/2.45
 Maximum Power (Watts)  100
 Whip Length  3.3" H
 Whip Material  ABS plastic
 Color  Black
 Mount Type  NMO Type (You will need a 'NMO' Style Mount to mount this antenna)
 Warranty  1 Year


  • Manufactured by: Laird Technologies